Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do I learn to walk away?

Common sense tells me to walk away. It's a hellhole.. y am I still striving to stay on? Because of comfort?
Why do I want to stay on? I don't have the courage to walk away from all these.. I don't know how to say no...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Haha... sleeping and dreaming is so fun these few days..=)
Kept dreaming of him, and all dreams are happy dreams.. at least there are some happy moments in my dreams even though there are none in reality?
Even dreamt that he might be gay..=P
Totally unrealistic dreams, but how I wish that they will come true.
Wish that I can bump into him everyday and get to know him better.
Hope to see him on the train home..
I will have a silly smile on my face and the whole world seems better everytime I see him.
I always felt that something will go wrong everytime I see him.. but then.. my sis told me to view it in another way.
Things are going bad for you, and God is letting in a ray of brightness into your day so that the day won't seem so bad after all..
If this is true.. I really really hope that we can don't be just frens..
Don't even know whether he has a gf.. don't really know anything about him.. sigh..

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's back...

Seems like every year it will come back once to haunt me.. buffer period without medication is only 6 months.
Back to eating medicine and having more complications..=(
I'm greedy... there are so many things that I want to do.. but there's so little time to do everything..
Things I want to do:
1) Resume piano lessons for FTCL
2) Get a few papers published with my name as 1st author
3) Take Masters
4) Manage my two projects well
5) Continue violin?
6) Take A.MUS?
My greatest wish.. can I stop taking medication? It's a neuro medication controls my neuro condition.. then it causes gastric ulcers.. then take more medication..
The world is a depressing place to be in..

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking back at 2007

Looking back at 2007, even though the year had been full of trials, I still would like to give thanks to God, to all my frens..
Thank you very much for being there when I needed somone. Thank you for helping me whole heartedly without asking for anything in return. Thank you for restoring my health.
At the beginning, everything seems bleak... now, everything turns out fine.
Thank you to everyone in my life, and I hope to be a stronger and better person in the new year.